Bwala & Co.

The law firm of Bwala & Co., is a top-notch law firm located in the Abuja Municipality. The firm was established in June 2013 and has over the years carved a niche for itself in the legal profession through its vibrant, pragmatic and holistic team approach to legal issues which has birthed in client’s much needed satisfaction.

Bwala & Co. is a full service, commercial and litigation law firm focused on service delivery to corporate and private clients, both local and international; providing competent, cost effective and innovative services for over six (6) years and has within that time acquired excellent reputation for cutting edge competence and vast capacity in its chosen areas of specialty. This is drawn from over a decade robust experience of the Principal Counsel on wide range areas of law and practice.

The Firm whose head office is in Nigeria’s Capital city of Abuja within the serene setting of Guzape, Abuja and associate offices Nationwide has a rich resource base which over the years and under visionary leadership and management has developed a strong ethical base. We operate with utmost regard to professional ethos, values and industry’s best practices in all our dealings and performance of our duties, we have also developed an efficient service delivery mechanism tailored to prioritize and address individual needs of clients with an end result of satisfaction.

At Bwala & Co., we understand the diverse, unique and special needs of our clients and are equipped to provide practical, innovative and satisfactory solutions to these various/numerous legal challenges/special needs. We work and practice with;

  • Integrity, professional competence, due diligence and respect.
  • Hold and treat clients with the highest preference, due care.
  • Accord professionalism in handling each client’s matter in a way that will attract credit to ourselves and optimum satisfaction to clients.
  • Maintain the most modest work place decorum.
  • Promote the rule of law.
  • Accord due regard to the profession, Judicial officers, court and the public as is expected of a reasonable lawyer.

The firms primary areas of practice 

  •  Litigation (Civil & Criminal Matters)
  •  Constitutional Law
  •  Banking & Corporate Finance
  •  Company Secretarial Services
  •  Corporate Practice
  •  Governance &Compliance
  •  Energy & Foreign Investments
  •  Immigration & Nationality Applications
  •  Intellectual Property Protection
  •  Labor Law & Employment
  •  Arbitration
  •  Negotiation & International Commercial Law
  •  Maritime Oil & Gas
  •  Real Estate Consultancy
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Mergers & Acquisitions Securities
  •  Environmental Law & Practice

Our in-depth knowledge of our chosen area of practice guarantees our client:

  • Excellent prosecution and defense of cases to the highest level of our judicial system.
  • Excellent business and Legal Advice and Services for emerging companies, including Formation and Organization, Financing, Initial Public Offering, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Corporate Governance.
  • Deep relationship with investors and multinational corporations that provides emerging companies with access to leading sources of capital.
  • Vast experience, across all sectors of our area of practice, in regulatory proceedings, project development finance, litigation and arbitration.
  • Expertise in the negotiation, documentation, design and operation of all types of transactions, including License, research and development, manufacturing, marketing, supply and distribution agreement, joint ventures and other strategic alliances.
  • Expertise in incorporation of corporate entities, License and Regulatory Compliance Consultants.